Aston St Mary's Church
Aston Parish lies on the extreme western boundary of  the East Hertfordshire District and on the eastern boundary of the Stevenage Borough . The Parish of Aston comprises of three areas, each with its own character. Aston Village is situated on the top of the Beane Valley ridge and has developed historically around the church of St. Mary’s. It has many older properties and now embraces a number of small developments and is home to the local school, village hall, cricket, bowls, football and tennis club together with 2 public houses.  Aston End comprises a number of active farms and small clusters of houses and cottages, many of which are listed . A butchers shop and public house are located there.Hooks Cross ,situated on the busy A602 which dominates the character of this area , is a series of active farms and houses in a rural setting . It is bounded by the civil parishes of Walkern(NE), Benington(E), Watton(SE) and Datchworth(S).The Parish covers 712 hectares running broadly SSE to NNW direction. It straddles the strategic ridge line between Aston Brook and the River Beane. Overlooking Stevenage to the west and the Beane Valley to the east, the ridgeline is a significant planning watershed and natural boundary.The entire Parish is located within the Metropolitan Green Belt and is designated as a Landscape Conservation Area.Much of the Village of Aston is designated as a Conservation Area although a number of the most historic building are located outside of this. The Beane valley has been occupied since Palieolthic Man 150,000 years ago and there are several several sites of archaeological interest in the Parish.The river Beane which is a tributary of the Lea and hence the Thames, flanks Aston’s eastern boundary. It was once a much larger river ssuporting boating and fishing activities.Aston or Estone as it is referred to in the Dooms day Book formed part of lands belonging to Odo, Bishop of Bayeux. Until the 2nd World War, it retained a quietexistence and even as late as 1991, 10% of  Aston’s residence still had agricultural interests








7.45pm  Parishioner’s


8.00     1.         Apologies (Mr.Eccles)  and Declarations of Interest:

8.02     2.         Minutes of 10-7-17

8.04     3.         Matters Arising –         

New Play Equipment


Remembrance Committee Meeting

8.20     4          Aston Conservation Area

8.45     5.         Clerk’s Report

8.55     6.         Planning: P/7/17  The Rose & Crown  – Residential Development & Micro Pub.                

P/8/17 The
Barn, Oaks Cross Farm – New gates – no comment

8 Yeoman Drive – swimming pool – no comment

                                    P10/17  Boteler Suite, Aston Bury  – internal changes

Holbrooks – Barn Conversion

                                    6.1  East Herts Planning Inquiry        

9.25     7.         IT Account subscription (Mr.Sypula)

9.28     8.         Accounts

9.34     9.         Play Equipment Report

9.40     10.       Allotment lease – JC & CB

9.50     11.       Any other business:    


9.55              Close


Rose & Crown:  Thank you to everyone who has bothered to
send comments to East Herts.  At the
deadline there was way over 100.  The
Planning officers are minded to recommend refusal but it will go to the
Planning Committee of elected Cllrs. and is on the agenda for September.


Aston Conservation Area: 
The District Council have
finished their work on the changes to the Aston Consevation Area and have
called a meeting to present the changes to the village.  This will be at the Village Hall on Thursday,
September 7th at 7pm.  All are
welcome.  It is likely that the Area may
be enlarged, in line with the wishes of the Aston Parish Plan, but at the same
time some areas and properties may be removed. 
A Conservation Area does not mean NO development but it is intended that
any development in the area is in keeping with the quality development that is
there.  Although questions have been
asked about the new house under construction at Queen’s Square!  It is important that residents know whether
their property is in the Area or not as it does have implications when
extensions etc are proposed.  In Aston
the most important aspect of the Area was the open centre (Centre Field), the
meeting will tell us if that is still so.


Lost your Brown Wheely Bin?  The
Parish Council staff have been very busy over the summer dealing with rough
camping and camp fires taking place on the Village Field. On 2 occasions
Sainsbury Trolleys have been returned which were used to haul booze etc to the
site and a couple of tents (very good ones) have been removed and disposed
of.  On Sunday Aug. 13th a
EHDC (not SBC) brown wheely bin was fly tipped on the field.  It had been used to take logs and wood to the
camp fire and then its contents of lawn mowings, cabbage stalks, and left over
food tipped on the field.  The Parish
Council have this in safe keeping so if you have lost one please contact the
clerk.  Technically the owner faces a
£600 fine for allowing their property to be fly tipped but this will not be
proceeded with in this case.  Hopefully
the new term and darker nights will end the problem.


Centre Field Activities:  The Centre Field Trust were
pleased to host Michael Head’s 60th Party on the field on August 5th
and would like to thank Andy and the Mobile Bar Service for having a collection
at the bar in the Cricket Pavilion.  Over
£100 was raised and this has been split between St,Mary’s Church and putting
the glazing in the phone box at the School to house the Aston Defibrillator.  Many thanks


Apologies to Benington
Road residents who were expecting the Centre Field Hedge to be cut in
July.  In agreeing to that the Trustees
were not aware of restrictions on hedge cutting when birds were still having
their second brood.  The hedge will be
cut as soon as the law allows.

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