Aston St Mary's Church
Aston Parish lies on the extreme western boundary of  the East Hertfordshire District and on the eastern boundary of the Stevenage Borough . The Parish of Aston comprises of three areas, each with its own character. Aston Village is situated on the top of the Beane Valley ridge and has developed historically around the church of St. Mary’s. It has many older properties and now embraces a number of small developments and is home to the local school, village hall, cricket, bowls, football and tennis club together with 2 public houses.  Aston End comprises a number of active farms and small clusters of houses and cottages, many of which are listed . A butchers shop and public house are located there.Hooks Cross ,situated on the busy A602 which dominates the character of this area , is a series of active farms and houses in a rural setting . It is bounded by the civil parishes of Walkern(NE), Benington(E), Watton(SE) and Datchworth(S).The Parish covers 712 hectares running broadly SSE to NNW direction. It straddles the strategic ridge line between Aston Brook and the River Beane. Overlooking Stevenage to the west and the Beane Valley to the east, the ridgeline is a significant planning watershed and natural boundary.The entire Parish is located within the Metropolitan Green Belt and is designated as a Landscape Conservation Area.Much of the Village of Aston is designated as a Conservation Area although a number of the most historic building are located outside of this. The Beane valley has been occupied since Palieolthic Man 150,000 years ago and there are several several sites of archaeological interest in the Parish.The river Beane which is a tributary of the Lea and hence the Thames, flanks Aston’s eastern boundary. It was once a much larger river ssuporting boating and fishing activities.Aston or Estone as it is referred to in the Dooms day Book formed part of lands belonging to Odo, Bishop of Bayeux. Until the 2nd World War, it retained a quietexistence and even as late as 1991, 10% of  Aston’s residence still had agricultural interests


See Council Minutes page for Audit and Governance report



7.45pm                 Parishioners Surgery

8.00pm                 1.            Apologies (Mr.Brett & Mr. McNab) and Declarations of Interest.

8.02                        2.            Minutes of the Meeting of Oct 8th

8.05                        3.            Matters Arising:                                3.1 Path 8 barrier

                                                                                                3.2 Aston Bury Wood – AC

                                                                                                3.3 Remembrance update

                                                                                                3.4 Road markings

                                                                                                3.5 Aston End ‘Pedestrian’ signs

                                                                                                3.6 At risk single people.

                                                                                                3.7 New Minute Book

8.35                        4.            2019 Election – Suggestion of names.

8.45                        5.            Play Equipment update

8.49                        6.            Clerk’s Report

8.55                        7.            Planning:             7.1 EHDC Plan

                                                                                p/21/18 23 New Park Lane – extensions.

                                                                                p/22/18 43 Stringers Lane – extensions.

                                                                                p/23/`18  23 Tatlers Lane – Bungalow with basement

9.15                        8.            Accounts

9.20                        9.            Broadband at Aston End

9.30                        10.          Parish Noticeboard        

9.35                        11.          Dog Fouling (EHDC consultation)

9.46                        11.          Any Other Business

9.50        CLOSE



Remembrance 2018:  The Act of Remembrance will take place as normal at the War Memorial on Sunday, November 11th – exactly 100 years to the end of the First World War.  Muffled bells will ring out from 10.00am.  Members of the public are invited to attend between 10.30 and 10.40 and stand in the road behind the red and white tapes.  After the act at the Memorial there will be a short Church Service which everyone is welcome to attend but some may choose not to.

            The bells will ring again from  7.20 to 7.30pm ‘open’, that is without muffles, in celebration of the war ending.  The bells at Benington, Little Munden and Watton will ring at exactly the same time, needing 28 bellringers to do this.  At 7pm a beacon will have been lit on Benington Recreation Field and all are invited to go up to this joint village event.


Aston Bury Wood:  This was discussed at the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust AGM and the Trust would be happy to co-operate with other groups to look after the wood.  It is hoped to obtain a Community Asset Transfer to allow HCC to hand the wood over on a long lease for a peppercorn rent.  A similar scheme is already in place with Burnham Green and the local Parish Councils.


Water in Benington Road:  The problem has been solved by Affinity Water.  It was a leaking water main all the time!


2019 Aston Parish Council Election:  This will be in May 2019 and the new Council will serve for 4 years.  There are 7 Aston  Parish Council members and of the current Council 3 intend to stand and if elected serve for another term.  The other 4 are willing to stand but would prefer new blood to take over and would withdraw their nomination if 4 or more suitable people got nominated. So, there is the challenge, would YOU like to take on this role?  It would be great if a member(s) could come from Aston End who do not have a current member.  Also some members who were born AFTER England won the World Cup in 1966 as the current council do manage to stay awake during meetings but the Council is aging.  Parish Council Meetings are held 9 times a year, in the evening, and have recently been involved in the East Herts Plan, the Play Equipment renewal, the Rose & Crown, naming footpaths, environmental issues, and the annual round of events.  Any of the current members, or the clerk, would be happy to give further information..and encouragement.


Walking Aston End Lanes:  This year at least two people have been hit by passing traffic when walking along the lanes at Aston End.  The Parish Council have asked the County Council if two warning signs could go up warning traffic that there are no footways and/or pedestrians are present.   One at Brookfield farm for northbound traffic and the other in Lanterns Lane for southbound.


Good Neighbours:  The Council have been made aware of more people, some elderly or infirm, living alone in the Parish.  The Council consider the care of these people to rest with Social Services rather than the Parish Council.  However, the Council would like to encourage all residents to be on the lookout for these neighbours.  The Council have also taken delivery of some red signs which people can put in their windows under the ‘be a good neighbour’ scheme.  One side says “PLEASE CALL” the reverse is the emergency, “SOS” I NEED HELP NOW”.  These will be distributed and people are asked to look out for them.  Please contact the clerk if you want one or more of these signs.


Dogs:  More than one complaint has come in regarding dogs fouling the Playing Field.  The Council have TWO bins on this field and members have recently taken it in turns to empty them and have often been surprised just how much is rightly in them which is good.  Recently confronted was one senile delinquent grandmother who was actually in the play equipment, with her grandchildren, and her dog, despite there being a sign forbidding dogs.  The sign has been moved from the fence to the gate for those with failing eyesight.  If people do see people not picking up or having a dog in the equipment, a polite request would be appreciated.


Caravans:  The Hertfordshire Caravan Club recently had a 3 day rally on the Playing Field from Friday, October 12th to Sunday the 14th.  Apologies for a lack notice in advance.


Postal Scams:  The Royal Mail have recently contacted the Parish Council asking for their help to bring scam mail to everyones attention.  This type of mail is illegal and targets  the most vulnerable in society.  Typically, scam mail involves fraudsters sending convincing letters that are designed to trick people out of money and valuables.  A poster has gone up on the Aston End noticeboard.  If you are concerned that someone is in receipt of scam mail please contact the Royal Mail by:-

  1.  Writing to Royal Mail at FREEPOST SCAM MAIL enclosing any items of the scam.
  2. Calling the Royal Mail Scam Helpline on 0800 0113 466, or
  3. Emailing


 Parish Clerk.


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