A voluntary group, called The Aston Community Helpers, has been set up in the village to provide support for those having to stay at home because of Corona Virus.

A leaflet, below, has been created which will be put through every letter box in the village shortly.

The Aston Community Helpers

Hello, the Aston Community Helpers would like to introduce themselves and explain what they can offer you during the current outbreak of the Corona virus. If you have to stay at home during this time, you may be worried about how to manage things such as;

  •  Shopping
  •  Prescription collection
  •  Newspaper & magazine collection
  •  Posting of mail

Don't worry. A group of volunteers have been set up to help local residents. Your name and contact number for assistance is;

Clare - Landline: 01438 880591 / Mobile: 07970 702447

If you would like to register yourself for a daily phone call to check in and see how you are and ensure you have not run low on supplies, please do so on the number above. 

If you are isolated and need supplies or items in an emergency, you can call Clare up to 9pm and one of our volunteers will assist you.

Shopping will be arranged to be left on the doorstep or in a safe place. We will be using sanitiser should this be a concern.

There is a Facebook page called 'Village Noticeboard for Aston, East Hertfordshire'. If you have access to social media you can use this board to stay in contact with local residents or offer to volunteer.

If we can help you, please contact us straightaway 

ANNUAL  PARISH  MEETING  THURSDAY, APRIL 23rd 7.30pm at ASTON  VILLAGE HALL   Meeting postponed until further notice


1.     Apologies and 2019 Minutes


2.     Discussion/updates on the following possible items:  East of Stevenage, Rose & Crown, Aston Bury Wood, Play Equipment, Aston End Roads – especially Lanterns Lane, Whitney Pond,  Clarion Garage compounds, Aston Parish News & Climate change.

3.     July 12th Car Rally around Whitehall and Aston Bury.


4.     Questions on the Parish Council’s work during the year and any other business of Parishioners choosing.



R.Falder, Clerk.


Playground Project - March update

We now have enough funds for the playground.Grants have been confirmed from:

East Herts Community Grants.        £8,000

Stevenage Community Trust              £500

Big Lottery Awards for all scheme   £10,000

Aston Village Society    £5,000

        Parish Council                                 £8,500

Rose & Crown    13 February 2020 

The Parish Council met on Monday night and decided to oppose the planning application for the Rose & Crown site on the grounds that there is insufficient provision for car parking for both the housing and the pub.

The residential parking falls only in the middle of the range of specified parking spaces in the East Herts Policy. On this site, where there is no nearby on road parking or alternative carparks, in a village which has only very limited access to public transport the parking needs to be at the top of the range.

The pub area currently has 20 marked spaces for customers, a sizeable area at the back pf the pub for staff parking and deliveries and at least 4 spaces in the front of the pub. In addition the dropped kerb in front of the car park area does allow for an overflow of parked cars.

Without demolishing part existing pub the planning application includes only 17 parking spaces in total. Herts Highways are insisting that there is no parking allowed in front of the pub, the area behind the pub is now designated as 7 of the 17 spaces  and will need to be used for customers and staff/deliveries etc. The new proposed Benington Road frontage, whilst seen as an improvement for the village, does restrict any overflow parking.

As the village already suffers from serious parking problems this planning application would undoubtedly aggravate the problem.

In addition should the application get approved at some stage we are asking for 106 money to be allocated to improving the footpath to
the west of the site and to remove the tree currently encroaching on the path.

 The deadline for comments and objections is now 3 March – and the council would like as much support from the village as possible with objections to East Herts.

All details are available on the East Herts web site - reference 3/20/0093/FUL

East of Stevenage (Gresley Park)

On 5 February 2020 the East Herts Develoment Management Committee gave approval for planning application on East of Stevenage

Aston Parish Council attended the meeting and asked road traffic on Lanterns Lane to be monitored before, during and after the development with funds set aside to take remedial action if needed. We were given some sympathetic comments by the committee members but the planning application was approved with no changes,   


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