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 Gresley Park  Information  and  Objection

 There are 3 ways in which residents can comment on the
 Pre-Submission East Herts District Plan

1. Input comments to the EHC consultation web site:
Guidance is provided (see attached) and Aston Parish Councils (APC) current
draft of their consultation input is also attached to be used/adapted as
residents see fit. This document is being currently being modified by
2.   E-mail comments to  EHC at
Attached is a one-page Word document prepared by Aston Parish Council to be used
(and preferably modified/adapted by residents to make comments look different)
as an attachment 
3.Obtain an EHC comment form (from Libraries or EHC), to be
completed on paper and retuned to EHC by scanning and using the e-mail in 2
above, or posting to EHC at: Planning Policy Team, EHC, Pegs Lane, Hertford,
SG13 8EQ
go to


Help sheet for you to comment on the East Herts Consultation web site

Register - you will need to enter your name, address email etc and create a user name and password
You will receive an activation email to your registered email box
Click on the activation email
You can now log in to the Consultation Portal for East Herts Council
Click on “East Herts Pre-Submission District Plan 2016”
Click on “Read and comment on document”
The section dealingwith Gresley Park is “Chapter 12 East of Stevenage”
You will need to click “Add Comments” for each line in the plan

Having opened the Comments section you can view comments made by other people
To add your own comment click “Next”
You will be asked to click yes or no to a series of 7 standard questions.
This is the Parish
Council suggestion for answering these standard questions:

 Legally Compliant                                             Yes                No  X

 Compliant with the Duty to Co-operate             Yes     X        No

 Sound                                                                Yes               No  X

 Positively Prepared                                            Yes              No  X
Justified                                                               Yes              No  X

Effective                                                               Yes              No  X

 Consistent with national policy                            Yes              No  X

Box 3 a gives you the opportunity to add your own comments on  each section – these Comments are

the important sections for you to complete.

You can save all your entries in draft before  submitting your views

 Below is a single page summary of the Parish Council's objection to the Gresley Park Plan which may help you fill in some comments

These comments relate specifically to Chapter 12 (East of Stevenage) of the East Herts Council (EHC) Pre-Submission District Plan, which I do not believe is: sound, positively prepared, justified or consistent with national policies for the following reasons:

Green Belt (Not sound, justified or consistent with national policy)

The proposed site is on Green Belt land, recently assessed by EHC’s own consultants to be of Paramount Importance, in limiting urban sprawl and protecting the environment.. Only 12 of the 71 (17%) EHC parcels of land evaluated have a similar rating. In the recent past this specific parcel of land has been turned down by EHC, Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) and an Independent assessor (Chris Patten)
There is no data in the Plan which, site-by-site, defines and evaluates the options involving the use of green belt, and specifically none relating to GP, and there is no explicit listing of the “exceptional circumstances” for using green belt on a site-by-site basis, other than using the generic EHC argument that the housing targets can only be achieved sustainably by using 6 % of the green belt.
The 4 strategic options evaluated in the Sustainability Appraisal would suggest that there are options available that would not need to use GP.
GP will breach the well-established Green Belt and Stevenage boundary at Gresley Way. This was constructed some 30 years
ago with a bund and trees to visually protect the Beane valley. It will replace this very clear and effective boundary with a man-made boundary which is illogical (a triangular insert into the green belt) and is unlikely to be durable. All of
the above is not conformant to NPPF guidelines 

Protection of the Beane Valley (Not sound, justified, consistent with national policy)

The justification for the smaller GP site in East of Stevenage is heavily dependent on the Settlement Appraisal, which in
turn depends on the description of the GP site (it is a plateau, with an eastern ridge, and tree screening which isolates it from the Beane Valley).
None of these statements are true. There is a 65ft drop across the site and the
tree line is 25-30ft high, which means that the middle to upper parts of two
story houses built on GP will be widely visible from the Beane Valley.
Recent proposals to construct wind
turbines in the Beane Valley were twice turned down on appeal, because of the
negative effect on the tranquillity of the Beane Valley. In addition the GP
proposal breaches EHC’s and SBC’s own environmental policies  

Local Road Infrastructure (Not positively prepared)

The Aecom traffic modelling estimates an increase of some 320 journeys in the
morning and evening rush hours. However Aecom made simplistic data input
assumptions: no local data was available so it used a UK-wide database which
fails to recognise the position of GP and that Stevenage is a major dormitory
town. Aecom conclude that the additional journeys can be accommodated with
modest changes to one round-about. It does however predict significant
“rat-running” from Gresley Way and the A602, because of increased journey
times, through all of the local villages

Aston practical experience would suggest the Aecom estimates are far too low (a factor
of 2-3 times) and that no plausible traffic mitigation proposals have been
submitted, other than one “smart” roundabout at the Gresley Way/A602
roundabout: this is not a practical solution 


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