Rose & Crown:  The applicants have submitted an amendment
which includes an environmental survey and more documents on drainage.  This means the decision will now  be delayed until December.  Since the amendment did not address any of
the issues raised by the Parish Council the Parish Council comments ofobjection remain.


East Herts District Plan: This is currently being considered in public by the Inspector.  It is taking place in the Council Chamber at Wallfields, Pegs Lane, Hertford.  Thursday, November 9th is the day when ‘East of Stevenage’ – that is Gresley Park, Aston, will be considered.  Aston Parish Council will have a presence there and be taking a full part.  Anyonewanting more information should contact Steve Brown or Chris Brett.


Aston Conservation Area: 
The Parish Council generally
supported the changes proposed by the East Herts officers.  This included the area where the Conservation Area was to be extended and those properties to be removed. However, the
council have asked for a further extension of two fields.  Firstly, the Glebe Field, west of Dene Lane
and behind the tennis courts.  This is because it is seen as absolute vital green belt to keep Aston and Stevenage apart.  Secondly, Little Orchard, to the west ofAston End Road.  This is to conserve the ponds, with their great crested newts and other important wetland plants &
animals.  A written comment has also beenmade that the approved Area should have real teeth and be accepted by Planning Officers when considering applications - rather than being ignored, as has been the case with the new house in Queens Square.


Act of Remembrance: 
This will be on Sunday November 12th.  Please
assemble in the road by the War Memorial between 10.40 and 10.45 when the road
will be closed to traffic.  If the field is dry enough, parking will be available on Centre Field.  People are reminded that the Church Service is of a short duration and does not include Holy Communion and is suitable for all.  The bells will ring muffled and earlier than usual as a tribute to the 3 Aston Bellringers who died in the great War roughly 100 years ago.


Home Improvement Agency: 
At a recent conference
attended by Parish Council representatives, a presentation was given by this
new agency.   The idea is that it gives advice on physical aspects of the home and benefits that people may be entitled to plus being in contact with approved tradesmen to do work quickly.  The idea is to allow disabled and elderly people to stay in their own homes.  More
details will come out in January but in the meantime, East Herts Housing Dept
have more information.


Naming Aston Footpaths: Some footpaths have names such ‘Cynthia Wood Path to Dene Lane’. But a
man born in Aston some 60 years ago has suggested that it would be nice to name
more in order to remember old Aston characters who used the paths (and places
they went to…. Niggitts Hill?) before all this is forgotten.  The Parish Council are happy for this to
proceed and a meeting has been called for the evening of December 29th
to look at this with the Parish Footpath map. 
Invites have gone to members of the Pallett, Chalkley, Warren, Canfield,
Wright, Clark, Moss and Izzard families but if anyone from a family who have
been around for the best part of a century or more has been forgotten, please
contact the clerk for details and come along.


 Parish Clerk.






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