Defibrillator:  This now has a yellow metal sign at the
School gateway saying where it can be found. 
This was erected by two Aston School pupils being supervised by the


Gresley Park:  While the Parish Council remains totally
against this loss of green belt in the Parish, the developers, Pigeon, asked if
they could attend the June Parish Council Meeting.  This they did together with the chairman of
Walkern Parish Council.  Discussion by
both sides showed courtesy but it has to be said there was ‘frank exchange of
views’ and often the sides begged to differ. 
For example the developers showed lots of views to indicate how the
development would not intrude on the landscape. 
But it was pointed out that these photographs were all taken from the
lowest points and while the field could not be seen any two storey house
would.  The Council leant that there
would be three connections made to Gresley Way and each of these would have
‘smart’ traffic lights (which changed according to traffic levels).  The lights would also have crossings for
cycle and pedestrian traffic to cross Gresley Way – which is much cheaper than
building underpasses.  It was pointed out
that at peaks traffic along the road is already slow – it will then be much slower.  The Developers said the Parish Council could
be involved in planning, and running, the community hub but were surprised the
Council showed no great wish to do this. 
However, two Parish Cllrs. attended a site visit on June 20th
while the clerk and another cllr. Will attend the next masterplanning session
in Hertford on July 2nd.  As
to names, the Parish Council are considering suggesting ‘Box Wood’, ‘Robins
Hill’ and ‘Haffydown’ which are traditional field/wood names for that
area.  Other suggestions for readers are


Coffee Shop on Centre Field:  Sadly
it looks as if this will not be as the East Herts Planning Officers said they
were very unlikely to permit it.  Two
reasons were given.  Firstly that it was
in the heart of the Conservation Area and the key to that was an open centre,
therefore building in the open centre was not on.  Secondly, Centre Field was classified for
‘Sport & Leisure’ while a coffee shop was ‘Retailing’.


Road Works:  The Parish Council asked a year ago if a sign
could go up in Broadwater Lane for westbound traffic near the church, to
indicate that there was a right hand road junction around Dene Lane
corner.  After a wait the sign went up
BUT it indicated a left hand junction, suggestion traffic could turn into Steve
Brown’s garden.  April has long passed
and now the correct sign has arrived. 
Now the Parish Council are pressing for the white lines, showing
priority and a stop line, to be repainted at Aston Cottage, where they are
badly faded.


 Parish Clerk.


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