Annual Parish Meeting: 
Before the meeting Roy
Falder was presented with the ‘Freedom of Aston’ for 45 years service as Parish Clerk. 

As usual the meeting was well
attended by 51 Parishioners in addition to the Parish Council and Mr.Stowe
& Mr.Crofton, Aston’s District and County Council Members.  ‘Keeping your money safe’  A short presentation was given by Terry Morris of Herts Police who said that Hertfordshire was a very safe place to
live with falling crime generally, but like elsewhere a sharp rise in money
fraud.  He gave many tips including saying that your friends, family and health contacts telephone to talk to
you.  All other calls basically are afteryour money.  Remember that and also that
the Police, HMRC and Banks never deal on the telephone but write.  Also people were to be on there guard IN a
bank as a fraudster may be behind you and in the bank environment people fell
safe and may relax their guard on things like pin numbers.  Passwords should be changed every 6 months!  Finally he gave out aluminium covers for touch cards which stop fraudsters stealing your details when the cards are
still in wallets or purses.  Also little bells to attach to a purse or case which deter pickpockets.  The aluminium covers have all gone but the clerk still has a supply of bells, so if you want some – give him a

Rose & Crown:

Mr.Brown said the application for the micro pub and housing had been turned down by East
Herts despite Officers recommending approval.  The grounds for dismissal were inadequate parking and a view that the micro pub would not be viable.  Mr.Brown
said there were now three possibilities. 
The applicant may go to appeal. 
The applicant may make the changes needed to overcome the reasons for refusal. 

Finally, the applicant may choose to sell, so this will come back on to a future agenda.  Named footpaths: 

Mr.Izzard explained his idea of how the path from School Lane, west, down to Gresley Way, should be named after Arthur Acres, a Great War veteran who lost his leg in the war and lived from 1919
onwards in Aston’s very first Council House beside the path.  The clerk explained how the idea had been
developed and now 14 names and paths were suggested.  The meeting voted to accept this idea.  A lack of a budget meant that it will be some time before all the finger posts go up but that it would be very appropriate if
the Arthur Acres sign went up on Nov.11th – 100 years to the day of then end of that war.  Other matters
discussed:  The current state of the District Plan, how planning offers did not listen to local views (especially
over the new house in Stringers Lane), pot holes, lack of road planning for Hooks Cross,  the new Conservation Area, and Aston Bury Wood were all discussed. 
Cllr.Crofton said HCC were now minded to sell Aston Bury Wood. 

The last word went to Mrs.Parker who said she was delighted to say that the British Virgin Isles had won their first evermedal in the Commonwealth Games – a gold in the 400M hurdles.


Fly Tip at the top of Stoney Ford:  In
early April a tip of mainly children’s toys was spotted by a parishioner who
photographed the tip and also found a name and address.  The details of this were passed on by the
clerk to the District Council.  Their
Inspector came out and again took details and photographs before having the tip
cleared.  The next action was for Council
Officials to visit Brenda Coyle of 16 Skylark Corner, The Poplars, SG2 9NL,
to discuss how her belongings got there and what further action there should
be.  This action was backed up by our
District Cllr. T. Stowe.


Footpaths 8 & 9 (Aston End Rd. to Sainsburys)
problem: Recently horses and
motorbikes having been using part of this route and causing it to become very
muddy.  They may use bridleways but not
footpaths.  Tom Goldsmith of HCC
Countryside Access is in the process of arranging for barriers to stop horses
and motorbikes causing the problem.


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