Rose & Crown:  The amended plans went in to the District Council on Dec. 8th.  The
number of dwellings has been reduced from 10 to 8 with one house near Beehive
Cottage being removed and the Barn now being one dwelling not two.  Also the house in the car park has been moved back to improve the sightline for people using the footpath and to allow
pedestrians to walk along Benington Road not in the highway.  These are the major changes.  The micro pub remains and parking for the pub is still a major issue so, although the Parish Council’s comments are not
finalised at the time of writing there is sure to be an objection.  A significant change is that with the density
reduced by going down to 8 dwellings the application will not go to the
planning committee but can be determined by a planning officer.  This may change the chances of


Salting:  If Parishioners who do public salting in their area run short of salt please alert the clerk and he will get his wife to deliver more.  Don’t let it go down tozero in case of a freeze and we can’t get it out to you.  Thank you also for doing it.


Play Equipment:  The Parish Council were disappointed that East Herts turned down Aston’s application for a grant to renew a piece of play equipment.  The application round was over subscribed and Aston’s business case was not as strong as others.  Aston simply wanted to replace a ‘tired’ but serviceable piece of equipment with something better.  Other applications were for equipment where currentlynone exists.  Also the District has had a
change in policy wanting to direct more grant money to deprived areas of the District and Aston is not deprived enough!


Aston Conservation Area Boundary Change:  The decision on this by the District Council has been moved back from January to February.  This is because the Parish Council have asked for Glebe Field and Little Orchard to be added.  The Officers have noted this and the case for Little Orchard is that it contains ponds and wetlands that ought to be
conserved.  The Officers are in touch with the owner to get permission for the Herts & Middx. Wildlife Trust to
survey the field for wildlife and habitat and also trying to track down the great crested newts.


 Parish Clerk.


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