Received 13 September 2017


Date      EHDC
                ref                                      adrress                                 description                            APC

23/10     3/17/2396/HH    5 St.Mary's Close              Enclose porch                                            nc

24/10     3/17/2432/HH    6 Yeomans Drive              Conserv. roof alterations                             nc

14/11     3/17/2437/HH    6 Yeomans Drve               side extension                                              nc

28/11     3/17/2698/HH    15 Stringers Lane              rear & side extension                                    nc

28/11     3/17/2700/HH    23 New Park Lane            rear extension                                              nc

9/12       3/17/1491/Ful    Rose & Crown                   amendments                                                 object

9/12       3/17/2786/Ful    Sacombe Corner Wood Stables replaced by house                               object

8/1/18   3/17/2991/ARPN  Holbrooks                       Barn
                                                                                    conversion to dwelling                            nc

9/1         3/17/2803/HH    35 Tatlers Lane                  front extension                                nc

9/1         3/17/2967            6 Yeomans Drive              extensions                                          nc

11/1       3/18/0001/Ful    Dene Lodge                        garage
                                                                                    conversion to house                        object

15/2       3/18/0216/HH    Oddies Barn                       storage
                                                                                    building                                               nc

15/2       3/18/0261/HH    Wayside                               rear
                                                                                        extension                                  nc

13/3       3/18/0216/Ful    Oddies Barn                       agricultural
                                                                                    storage building  



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